19 Dec 2012 – with Calvin & Hobbes 🙂

Some of my favourite winter funnies to deal with the cold season!



Appreciations to 16th auntie, Jo, Les, Ivy, David, Clement, KK, Aileen, AmyR, Gel, Richard, Grace, Calvin, Sam & Sam for taking time to meet for the past 2 weeks. Expecting Ole K & family from Norway, and yes socially busy but this is what the holiday season is about, family & friends.



A new Indonesian restaurant, Seribu Sari***tasteful interior and decent food. Located on the 3rd floor at the newly renovated Rendezvous Hotel. Looking at the SIN hotel rates nowadays, could not afford to be a visitor in here. This hotel used to be reasonable, ie app S$100 per night. After the renovations, the rates have gone up at least twice!


An impressive  panoramic view of the skyline of SIN Central Business District with ships in the foreground uploaded from Wikipedia.

Tourism in SIN is a major industry and contributor to the SIN economy, attracting 11,638,663 tourists in 2010, over twice SIN’s total population. It is a wonder that a tiny island with an area of 710 sq km/274 sq mi can squeeze all these people here. For those who like crowds and the buzz, this must be the ideal place to be living!! For me, I only go out when I have to…

Democracy cannot survive overpopulation. Human dignity cannot survive [overpopulation]. Convenience and  decency cannot survive [overpopulation]. As you put more and more people onto the world, the value of life not only  declines, it disappears – Isaac Asimov

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