A Long Weekend

6 Oct 2012 – Mormor is what the grandkids call me!

Wed: Whitehall Carpet Cleaners did a good job with the living room, staircase and the room above the garage or referred to as the movie room which is the grandchildren’s study and where I sleep during my visits. With a projector and a white blank wall acting as the screen, this certainly makes a perfect screening for movies.

John locked himself into his room on Wed and when Linn knocked, he replied that he had a surprise. When he finally opened the door, all the toys were put away. He is such a sweetheart.

Thu: a date with John at McD. Decided to reward him by taking him to his favourite joint, McD with an indoor air-conditioned playground where he requested for a chocolate milkshake which was part of the treat.

Fri: preparing to drive to Sugar Mt/NC again. It is a long weekend and the kids are off school Mon. Jeff is planning to do some easy hike with the 3 older ones in the area.

Hi Hills and Franklin will be picking me up Sun with plans to hike around Grandfather Mt/NC which will be a new experience. Then on to Hot Springs/NC and will be nice to revisit. A natural hot spring is located here, the only such spring known in NC and in much of the SE USA. Being on the AT, stayed a night and indulged in these springs before heading on to Lover’s Leap in 2005!

Looking forward to soaking into those springs again. Maybe a massage too this time round to live up to the 2005 AT thru’ hikers Candy Ass/Miss Wiggy, Gadget, T2 & TigerLil reputation 🙂

No laptop or mobile with me for this long weekend, thus no internet or posting till middle of next week!

The beginnings of Hot Tubs & Spas reaches back before the start of modern recorded history, when neanderthal man used the Earth’s naturally occurring hot springs, whose warmth and natural healing properties were soon recognised –http://www.squidoo.com/hot-tubs-lens

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