Sunshine & SC State Fair

15 Oct 2012 – to Backyard Fires!

Sat: these lucky grandkids had a blast at the SC State Fair with their cousin Abigail, daddy and grandma Cindy. Mormor and their mom stayed home with the youngest. It will not be long when James will be joining in all these events but for now, he is happy taking a 3hr nap to make up for all these interrupted ones! 

Backyard roasting marshmallow with daddy’s night-time storytelling. What a perfect ending to a perfect day, fresh home-made cookies for the 4 eldest grandchildren with their cousin visiting from FL…

Sun: a chance to get a family pix for the Snapfish project! Linn & family is at another church located in the center of Columbia, Shandon Baptist. With a congregation that size, a traffic police was hired to direct the traffic! It was a good service but no fan to loud music and crowds! Explains why young people are hard at hearing and so many of the elderly people need hearing aids! Would have turned off my hearing-aid if I had one but have been blessed so far with good hearing and all the senses in tact 🙂

Great to have caught up with Cindy and nice to meet one of the grandchildrens’ American cousin.  Safe drive back to FL to them. Next week is another new week and another challenging one. Jeff will be off to Africa and he will be missed by all here…

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often – Winston Churchill