Voices from Florida Days

21 Oct 2012 – James and The Giant Red Dot

Fri: another beautiful day and morning shopping with James at Target and World Market after delivering the car for service. James saw these concrete red circular objects and happily exclaimed B-A-L-L. Had to let him feel them. Fri night special, Little Ceasars Pizza with Crazy Bread and a Blockbuster movie Happy Feet***

Sat: visit from Sandra, Erik and families. The Korkowskis (Nancy & Sigfrido) had their holiday condo which I was keeping an eye on at Carmel by the Lake during our FL years. The kids then (Karin, Sandra & Erik ) hung with Linn & May during their visits from NY. Today Sandra (Linn’s age) and Erik+families live in Charlotte/NC which is only 1+hr drive from Columbia/SC.

Such fun to meet up with them and their families. Sandra’s children are the age when I first met her in FL in the early 1980s. Now she has 3 beautiful daughters. Pity her husband Tsuyoshi had to work today, will have to make time to his Sushi, AZN Restaurant to meet him and try the sushi there.

Erik was then the annoying little brother :-)to Karin (at present living in Mexico with her husband and their son) & Sandra. Erik has grown into a fine father of two married to charming Laura. How delightful to be able to catch up after all these years and to see that parents are doing a good job raising their children!

Tomorrow will be another church day at Shandon Baptist. After helping Linn to get the 5 kids into their respective rooms, will stay outside for a few minutes before attending the sermon. Do not wish to have my ears blast out like last week, but do want to hear what their senior pastor Dick Lincoln has to say!

You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips – Oliver Goldsmith