The Lady on the Moon!

3 Oct 2012 – Hello October…

Last year’s experience at Irmo Elementary School (dates back to 1935) was in portables including Katy’s class:

School pix below downloaded from:

Tue: this year with new classrooms, the talks at Irmo Elementary were for both Katy’s & Ellie’s classes about SIN, focusing on the Mid-Autumn/Moon Festival.

Appreciations to Mrs Paddock and Mrs Cain for sharing their home-class and thank you to Katy, Ellie and their classmates for their attention and patience. Hopefully they will look for ‘the lady on the moon’ when the sky is clear with a full moon! And also remember how the Hans defeated the Mongols with Mooncakes 🙂

Sugar cookies by Blue Flour****usually not a fan of sugar cookies but these are good:

A school is but just walls and a roof over the students’ heads, no matter how fancy or well-equipped. A good school is one with good educators but sometimes it is not easy to educate children whose parents also expect educators to be doing the raising and the discipline! Glad to know that both Katy & Ellie are in good hands of parents and teachers!

Class pix credits to Mrs Cain. Mrs Paddock’s pix was blur and I forgot the camera :-(Not too much changes from 2011 class with an additional of a couple more students.

Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one – Malcolm Forbes

Oct’s Special Dates

3 Happy Bday CHONG Siong Yin

4 Happy Bday Berit Lisbet EGGEN

6 Happy Bday David WONG

7 Happy 70th Bday Leslie LAM

8 Happy Bdays Larry LAM, Audrey WONG and KONG Heng Sun

12 Happy Bday Karen SCAF-BENHAM

13 Happy Bday David YUNG

16 Happy Bday Patricia LAM

21 Happy Bdays Steve LAM & Dee HALL

24 United Nations Day

27 Happy Bday Ellen HALD sr

29 Happy Bdays LAM Kwok Lock & Kiera CHUA

31 Happy Bdays Adeline LEE, Mark BOROWSKY and Happy Halloween

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