An Affluent Island

21 May 2012 – Nesøya 59°52′N 10°32′Ø

App 30mins drive east of OSL center and  across a bridge near IKEA is Nesøya, a small island on the OSL fjord. An area of 3 km² with a pop of app 3,500 in the municipality Asker. The island is known for having a number of celebrities and members of the Norwegian financial elite among its residents with a nature reserve on the eastern part.

Glad to see that the farm is still there but is it necessary for so many Drive Carefully Children at Play signs?? Lost count of the many speed bumps on this island!!

When we were living here in the 1970s, there was a gravel road leading to the house. On both sides of the road, were only a couple of houses. Today it is a fully paved road with many houses on both sides.

Was fortunate to live in this house when the HALD family was then living in Tromsø. It was and still is a beautiful 3-levels house with a lovely garden. After L&M grandparents moved back, they extended the house and built a play house in the garden.

Appreciations to Ellen & Cathrine (L&M’s aunt) for a delicious lunch where 4 generations gathered. Ellen was in Tromsø for 17 May and Cathrine accompanied her back to Nesøya and to catch up with Linn & James. First meeting with Cathrine was Christmas 1968 when she was the age James & Olai are now! Today she is a proud mother of 5 with her eldest age 18, the same age I was when I first met Cathrine!!

Delicate wild flowers dancing in the rays of sunlight on this first glorious summer day. Sooo thankful to my family and friends.

With the view of the top of Kolsås from Øverbergveien and nostalgic memories to end a Sun visit on Nesøya…

Nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges from the good old days – Doug Larson

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