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Majorstuen is known for its vibrant downtown, especially its shopping area and has several elegant townhouses from 1880-1890. An important public transport junction in Oslo, where all metro lines, three tram lines and five bus lines operate. It is served by Majorstuen station, the nearest station where M&B live and just one station from the center!

The neighborhood was named after a well-known public house which was located on the east side of Sørkedalsveien. Dating from the 1700s, the house was named for the Major Michael Wilhelm Sundt (died 1759), stue/cabin, house with one single room. It has long been discussed, Majorstuen and Majorstuastuen is when stue is treated as a masculine, and stua is a feminine word. The original pronunciation was -stua, but since Danish was the only written language in Norway well into the 19th century, the name was written -stuen (Danish common gender inflection).

The station was opened in 1898 and the original station building was built in 1916.

A pigeon coop & sculpture by the track! Majorstuen school is a primary and secondary school and was designed by architect Bredo Henrik Berntsen (1877-1957). The first phase was completed in 1908.

The Colosseum Kino is the largest cinema in Northern Europe and the largest THX cinema in the world. It is distinguished by its large spherical dome.

Baker Hansen***$$ bakery chain in Norway. Expensive but nice ambience, especially when the weather is good enough to be sitting outdoors.

Junction of Valkyrie Gt and Jacob Aalls Gt

So very nice to catch up with Ellen (L&M paternal grandmother) on Wed and Ingrid on Thu. These people crossed life’s journey path over 40yrs and 30yrs ago and are some of the people who brighten my stay in Norway!

Say what you want about aging, it’s still the only way to have old friends – Robert Brault

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