First Walk with Olai…

7 May 2012 – in the Woods and the Park

Youngest grandson is adorable, just like his mom when she was a baby! Do wonder what is going on in the 8 months mind? Blessed to be able to watch him interact with his parents who are the world to him, for now! Did not take him long to be familiar with his mormor. Seeing his charming and delightful smiles makes my day. This is a public blog and his parents have requested to not post Olai pix, will need to respect that. Those who are interested in pix, plx email me.


Sun: clear blue sky and perfect temperatures for a walk. Spring is in the air with blooms of  hvitveis/anemone nemorosa, an early spring white flowering plant in the Genus Anemone in the family Ranunculaceae. Common names include wood anemone. And the blue blåveis/anemone hepatica. Both delicately beautiful!

Bjørn was at the shooting range while May & I enjoyed our stroll in the woods with the hvitveis & blåveis. Olai was snoozing inside his soft, warm sheep skin in the stroller on this glorious day. He is not sleeping thru’ the nights yet, thus keeping his parents busy and tired… and that too shall pass 🙂

M managed to grab a nap while B and I took another walk with O in the stroller around the Majorstuen area where the Holmenkollen Ski Jump  (the world’s most modern ski jump ) can be seen clearly.

App 15mins walk for the apartment is Vigeland Park located here on 80 acres ground with 212 sculptures.

The most heathen thing I have seen in Europe – Evelyn Waugh

For those who were wondering about the recent moon. Pix credits to ST.

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