MacLehose Trail

14 Feb 2012 – Happy ♥ Day

Mon: had to be at the Norwegian Embassy to get some papers signed and stamped. It is still located on the 44 floor, Hong Leong Building, Robinson Rd/Shenton Way. The camera saw a chance for a shot on the way out of the building! First thought, was he really peeing but then did not think he was so daring or rude. On closer look, was glad to discover otherwise 🙂

Tkx to Geno for doing some translation for the family records from China. Very interesting to know about the ancestors!

Tue: had Lydia, Penny & Rebecca (classmates from CHIJ 1962) over for dinner. Tkx ladies for the company and the extra food. Was shopping@NTUC/Parkway early morning. The young Malay cashier lady made my day. Had forgotten that Tue is a discount day for seniors. She inquired if I was a senior and after answering, asked if she needed my card. She replied diplomatically that she will need to look at the card. Told her that I took that as a compliment 🙂 🙂

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around – Leo Buscaglia

Now to focus on the logistics for the MacLehose Trail in HKG that will take 5-6 days to do a thru-hike. Will be flying for to HKG 28 Feb and hope to start on this 100km trail on 2 Mar. Anyone having info regarding accommodations at or near the 10 different stages of this trail, would really appreciate to hear from you.

Section Route Length (Km) Time (Hr) Difficulty


Pak Tam Chung to Long Ke 10.6 3.0  *


Long Ke to Pak Tam Au 13.5 5.0  **


Pak Tam Au to Kei Ling Ha 10.2 4.0  ***


Kei Ling Ha to Tai Lo Shan 12.7 5.0  ***


Tai Lo Shan to Tai Po Road 10.6 3.0  **


Tai Po Road to Shing Mun 4.6 1.5  *


Shing Mun to Lead Mine Pass 6.2 2.5  **


Lead Mine Pass to Twisk 9.7 4.0  **


Twisk to Tin Fu Tsai 6.3 2.5  *


Tin Fu Tsai to Tsuen Mun 15.6 5.0  *
Easy Walk*  Fairly Difficult** Very Difficult***

4 thoughts on “MacLehose Trail

  1. Wow, sorry I have no recommendations on where to stay but would love to hear about the hike and do the same one. It sounds more feasible (to me) than the AT.

  2. Hey Ting, will tell you about it when I have completed it. Looking forward to this as the time is right for another hike! Tkx for your support.

  3. hi, the smux trekking team recently did the maclehose trail last dec. feel free to look at our trek log 🙂

    • Tkx and I checked out your post. Very interesting. Am looking to talk to any members of the team who trekked the MacLehose. Would greatly appreciate if any of you could meet me Mon 20 Feb, ie tomorrow at Camper’s Corner@Waterloo St for lunch. Amy.

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