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3 Feb 2012 – LAM Heritage

Above pix of 5 Temenggong Rd/SIN, late 1940s my birth place and where I lived the first 15yrs. Unfortunately the house has been demolished and the property taken by the state! Overgrown jungle is now in it’s place!

Returning to SIN for a niece’s wedding and one thing lead to another the past 12yrs. Stayed on working for H&H, Netball SIN, The SIN Shawl + volunteering in the Irish Graduates in SIN and Orchid Society in SEA have provided experiences as to how to survive also in this part of the world. In between jobs, there were enough time for social and networking. But the main reason to be back in this part of the world was and still is to find out more about the family heritage!

Somehow there were conflicts with info and also have not been totally happy as to how this should be done. Time and finance are not on my side. Traveled to China, Borneo and Malaysia over the past years to explore the possibilities and to feel some insight. Have finally come to the conclusion what was in mind has to be scrapped.

Will be slowly organising LAM Tin Yue’s (father) branch to cover names in Roman and Chinese, DOB & DOD, with pix from various decades after a short intro of how the family business started and pix of the ancestral hall and houses in China. Only a rough over view of the others in a chart as it is not within the capacity to do the rest. If the other branches do their parts for their own branch, we can all one day combine and have a full picture.

Tomorrow will be flying to KCH/Sarawak, Malaysia to liquidate the company owned by my siblings and the final chapter where this is concerned. After tying this loose end, will then proceed to Norway to tie the other loose end ie selling Piggsoppgrenda 6.

Previous family chart/tree is not to satisfaction. The new family chart/tree is done is a post-it note form so that changes can be easily edited when additional members pop into this world 🙂

I haven’t found anywhere in the world where I want to be all the time. The best of my life is the moving. I look forward to going – Sean Connery

2 thoughts on “Ancestors & Descendants

  1. I think youhave done a good job with the family tree. It takes alot of effort and determination (and expense!) to taken on this task.

  2. Hi Ting, thanks for your encouraging comment. If only the rest of the family could be so supportive, it would have been an easier job. At present, energy, finance and time are running on empty!! But I do know that I have to keep at it for my children and grandchildren.

    Just a matter of how to put this all together… time will show!!!

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