Chimney Sweepers

6 Jun 2011 – Happy Bdays Dika LAM & Harry CHAN

Sun: took a day off to get some rest for the arms and the body. Hung up 2 set of curtains from IKEA NOK60/S$14. Good thing about these curtains are that one can just cut to adjust the length, ie no need for sewing and enough left over material to braid a loop to gather the curtains aside. May & Bjørn were here for an easy summer salad dinner. Unable to do much with only a small pan as a cooking utensil.

Scrapping off old paint, cleaning and painting is not the most exciting of jobs but has to be done. The dinning, kitchen and terrace need to be worked on. In the meanwhile, will amuse myself with the cheesy FB comments and this blog during the breaks!

This morning the chimney sweepers were here. A distraction and excuse for not painting… LOL, just about anything is a good excuse to not feel like my wrist is broken!  In SIN, chimney sweepers of course will be a totally alien concept but they should have drain sweepers instead, perhaps that could have prevented some of the floods.

Had a chat with the neighbours (we are the few original owners who still own the same house since 1981). One of the neighbours asked if the sweepers have to ever go into the chimney and my comment was that only Santa Claus is allowed in there! Anyway, todays’ chimney are no longer constructed to be entered and by looking at the sweepers, there could not have been much soot in these chimneys.  If all chimney sweepers look like these 2, would get the chimney swept more often 🙂

There’s the whole world at your feet. And who gets to see it but the birds, the stars and the chimney sweeps – From Mary Poppins

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