The Illusionist

9 Apr 2011 – Hands Faster than the Eyes…

The Illusionist/2006****A boy falls in love with a girl above his social standards. Although the parents forbid them of seeing each other they cannot be split apart, until they were found together and the boy was sent off. He became a magician and traveled the world. She fell in love the Crown Prince and got engaged but the boy eventually meets with the girl and uses his powers to free her from the royal house in Vienna. This movie starred Edward Norton and being a fan of his, enjoyed this movie then.

L’illusionnist/The Illusionist/2011**Not to confuse with the above (which was released in 2006), this French/British animation is about a dying breed of stage entertainer whose thunder is being stolen by emerging rock stars. Forced to accept all kinds of obscure assignments, this French illusionist meets a young Scottish fan who believes in magic and tags along with him but changes her life forever. Not impress with this flick and found it rather boring and slow. The animated scenes of Scotland are quite well done!

There are many words synonymous to illusionist, eg: charmer, conjurer, diabolist, enchanter, exorcist, fortune-teller, genie, medium, magician, prophet, sorcerer,voodoo, witch,wizard etc. Being an admirer of good illusionists, will try to watch those performances and memories of father telling me that there is no such thing as magic, only that the magician’s hands are faster than the eyes. Ever since then, always wanted to learn to know the secrets of those tricks! Most people need a pinch of illusion in their life but as long as they are aware of the difference of what is illusion and reality 🙂

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place – George Bernard Shaw

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