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27 Mar 2011 – No Need for More Food!!!

Fri: lunch with Pat & Peggy@Teahouse/the Asian Kitchen***(since 2005) in Raffles City. We had the roast duck, broccoli with mushroom and the spinach soup which are all rather tasty. To Peggy thanks for lunch and to Pat & Peggy, thanks for the lovely company.

Coffee & dessert@Canele… what an indulgence.

Has been sometime ago since Leonard & Brian got together and also ages ago since the last visit to ShangriLa Hotel. There are some interesting signs in the area. Supposed to meet for high tea but could not really eat more, instead a glass of champagne to cheers to such charming and delightful company. Thanks Brian for getting us together. Amazing that when we first met, Brian, Chuan and Leonard were in their late 20s. Both Brian & Chuan in KCH now are into fatherhood and their eldest kid is same age as Katy! Appreciations to the younger men for keeping in contact with this grandmother 🙂

Sat: dim-sum lunch@Victor’s Kitchen in Sunshine Plaza and the standard of the food is not as it was, especially the service. Considering the personal problems the owners are going thur’ and the lady boss was practically in tears when relating her woes! Memories from some years back when this HKG family just moved here started at a corner shop with only 6 tables! Will not rate this time round as it will not be fair. Campers’ Corner Outdoor Outfitters/51 Waterloo St, the only shop that sells Chaco in SIN. Could not resist this pair but would have preferred it in another colour, then the comfort is most important for any hiker! Thanks to Calvin TAY for his attention & service. Decided to buy a new stick, hat and headlamp (gave away most of the hiking gears after the AT hike!) Plans for a PPP & talk on the AT Hike on 29 Apr at this location. Tea at Queens St branch@Food for Thought****David never fails to impress me with their food & service. The N Bridge Rd branch has the best duck pizza! Food for Thought & Victor’s Kitchen have been rated in other postings. If interested just enter the names on the right hand corner and do a search. Thanks to nephew Clement for lunch & tea and to Leslie & Ivy for dinner@Tanglin Club, founded in 1865 is one of the most prominent and prestigious social clubs in SIN.

It was a social club, place to be seen and a place to make connections – Ken Yellis

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  1. Hi Ting… did the profiterole (tkx to you, I now know the name of the dessert) taste as delicious as it looks? Did not have any more space or room in anyways to even try it.

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