Road from Sibu-Kuching

22 Mar 2011 – Modes of Transportation!

Bullock carts are no longer in use, but the journey would have taken many days for that mode of transport! Plane (35mins), boat (5hrs) and now the experience with the bus. No trains in these areas and as for biking or walking, the tropical weather is not where one wants to bike or walk unless there are no other choices!

Mon: bus from Sibu to KCH, app 7hrs including 2 stops in Sarikei & Jelukong. Chose Asia Star(Biaramas Express) with the most comfortable seats and seats #1 & 2 have the panoramic views. Relaxing and good way to see the interior of this area. Probably also the most expensive bus compared to the others but a well worth 59MYR ride on mainly 2 lanes decent roads by passing some small farms (corn, dragon fruits, pepper etc), abundance of tropical ferns & plants; orchid lovers would like this, the wild Arundina/Bamboo orchid (one of my favourite wild ones!) grows like weeds on the road side.

Left on time 10.00hrs- roads out of Sibu on a Mon drizzly morning! Notice the amount of water on the road-side… the floods during monsoon seasons are no surprises! If one has to live around these swampy areas, better build houses on tall Belian wood or concrete stilts 🙂

The express bus terminals in Sibu, Sarikei (one will have to be colour-blind to miss this terminal!) and a stop@Jelukong. Be prepared to pay .20c and another .40c for tissues for the restrooms in Sibu & Sariket. In Jelukong, hold your breath, but FOC 🙂

Sibu & Sarikei’s express bus terminals are located app 15mins drive from the town center, not confusing with the local bus terminals which are at the heart for these small towns. Originally the idea to stay near these local terminals (not realizing that the express bus terminals are at different locations) is that they are in walking distance to the accommodations. But would still choose to stay near the river if future trips are necessary. The pix of the orchid is downloaded and the most of the others are taken from a moving bus. Arrived in KCH on time, at 17.00hrs and appreciations to Lawrence for meeting me.

Thank you to Lawrence for his invitation to the Rotary Club dinner and meeting. An educational slide show regarding the medical volunteers to the longhouses in the jungles in Miri. Respect and admiration to the medical team from all over Malaysia who took their leave-time to do this noble field-work.

Men do change, and change comes like a little wind that ruffles the curtains at dawn, and it comes like the stealthy perfume of wildflowers hidden in the grass – John Steinbeck

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