Sex Volunteer

30 Nov 2010 – Happy 60th Bday to cousin KC LAM

In this Korean movie, the fictional story of Sex Volunteer*** the police are tipped off of a sex trade occurring at a love motel. When the police arrive they arrest young filmmaker Ye-Ri, a handicapped man with cerebral palsy and a Catholic priest. During their trial it’s revealed that the act in question was a volunteer service performed by an organization that offers sex to the disabled… some real heavy issues!

One of the best remarks is when Ye-Ri is interrogated by the police, are you in love with the handicapped man and she replied, are you in love with your hands every time you masturbate!! Posting 1 Aug 2009/A Frozen Flower and Lust Caution regarding my sentinels on Love, Lust & Sex are still valid…

While the movie was screening, a piping festival is ongoing outside the grounds of the Cathay. Somehow the past few weeks have been nostalgic, with long-lost cousins, Mt Sophia and the bagpipes which always brings back memories of mother bawling her eyes out… the few times she worn shades! There were no jet-planes in the 1950s and the transportation from Singapore-London was by cruise-ship; that was how brother Lawrence sailed off to further his studies then.

Downloaded from different websites two B/W pix dated app from the 1950s- after the cruise-ship lifted its passenger bridge and the anchor was slowly cranked on to deck. Then one could also hear the bagpipes’ band playing and see them marching in their magnificent tartan uniform. After the ship’s horn is sounded, the passengers will throw multi-coloured paper streamers to the waving crowds on the wharf. It was amazing with all the colors flying, would catch on to some ends, holding on to them under they break. What a sweet and significant way to say goodbye…  for now it is bye-bye to Nov 2010!

Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling –  Frederick Weatherly

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