28 Nov 2010 – Old School

Old School is six-block property of the former Methodist Girls’ School on Mt Sophia, has been revamped and open to everyone as a place to interact and to exchange ideas; a place for showcasing interesting art-forms. This area brings back memory from the 1950s where we visited the EU villa and just below where Cathay is, there was a music shop across the road. Keller Piano Company was where all my music books came from, the property was owned by my father & his associates then.

Fri: opening of works by Michele RIGHETTI created in his new studio at The Old School, Mt Sophia Singapore. His new exhibited works are quite a change from his previous, The Author’s Emotions, which is a mix of Mediterranean landscapes combined with Asian inspired characters. Enjoyed his Emotions but his new inspirations take some getting use to. Michele’s studio is now relocated at the Old School. Thank you Lydia & Michele for including me to the opening. Wishing him every success. http://www.righettiarte.com

A cousin whom we have not seen since the early 1960s was visiting from CA. Michael LEONG is the grandson of LAM Jee Chiew (brother of my grandfather, thus my granduncle). Michael’s parents and many from LAM JC’s branch (father’s cousins) colour coded blue, (my parents generation) emigrated to CA in 1960s. Linda who was also recently here in SIN is the one who has kept in contact. Good to be able to know the green, my generation of LAM JC’s branch. Thanks to Les & Ivy for hosting Fri lunch with the company of Betsey, Michael, Jo and a common friend of Les & Michael. Appreciations to Sansan? who brought us together for this reunion.

If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance –
George Bernard Shaw