Festival of Lights

5 Nov 2010 – Happy Deepavali/Diwali

This morning I was woken with much commotion outside my flat, my first thought was that they are starting the Deepavali celebrations. No, but the muslim neighbour will be going to Mecca on her Hajj and having 100 people for lunch to announce her pilgrimage. Today is a day of all kinds of celebration including a lunch hosted by Les. To Hindu friends & their families and the Indian Community, Happy Diwali. This is what I really like about SIN, the celebrations of all the races & religions’ special days.

My brother, Dato Dr Leslie LAM one Asia’s most renowned cardiologists appeared in the latest This Quarterly and it was funny to have the magazines staring at me at the bookshop when I was Christmas shopping. Another strange thing is this box with the word MORMOR, had to find out what it is all about as mormor in Norwegian=mothermother=grandmother on the maternal side. That is how all my grandchildren address me! Turns out to be a piece of material which is so diversified and can be worn in countless ways… quite a good way to portray a grandmother 🙂

Playing tourist guide to Jan SOSA’s friend Linda STEWART from Toronto/Canada but ended up seeing new buildings and skylines for the first time and older skylines in another angle! It was nice to see young people having clean fun with a sack-race by the new Fullerton Bay Hotel*****

The truth is that existence wants your life to become a festival… because when you are unhappy, you also throw unhappiness all around – Diwali Quotes