SIN Changing Skyline

2 Nov 2010 – Quit or Retire!

Sharing some scenes of the progress in SIN. Whenever I return from a long trip, the skyline changes and so has one of my bus route. 16 bus which normally takes me to the stadium (now under construction, thus barricaded) is now re-routed and I had to go nearly all the way to town to reconnect with the new Circle MRT line/Yellow line into Stadium Station! Time to buy a new Bus Guide book! It is certainly impressive with all these progress; wish that the people here can also progress as impressively with their courtesy & smile campaigns!

Now if anyone can tell me how many containers plus the tonnage can fit onto the container ship in the picture, I will surely appreciate it!

Nov special dates:

5 Happy Deepavali to the Indian community

11 Happy Bday Audrey MOH

13 Happy Bday LEUNG Yee Fun

17 Selemat Hari Raya Hagi to the Muslim community

19 Happy Bday Yulis ADAM TEO

25 Happy Thanksgiving

27 Happy Bday Daisy CHIA

29 Happy 4th Bday to my only grandson John Whitham HALL

30 Happy Bday LAM Kwok Chai

Thanks to my Norwegian friend Mette BACKER, the picture made my day 🙂

Perhaps it is time to quit and retire?
Skjønner dere hvorfor det var på tide å pensjonere seg kanskje?