7 Nov 2010 – Gastronomical Weekend

Fri lunch: Tor tambroides/empurau, Chinese call it Wang Pu Liao/忘不了=Unforgettable, taste really good with a texture that words are unable to describe. This fresh water riparian specie is found in a river in Sibu, Sarawak and is very rare in everyways, especially when it jumps up to grab fruits that overhang the rivers. Unforgettable cost anything from app MYR 700-1,700/US$300-560 per kilo and that to me is an unforgettable price! Work that price out and 20 spoonsful of meat from the dish, which was over 2 kg, each spoonful will cost app MYR300/US$80… don’t go choking on the bones!! If not for Les, would never have the chance to taste it. Thanks Les for lunch at the Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant@Paragon****

Sibu was the place where my worst food poisoning started after some bad seafood in Kuching 2yrs ago. After flying into Sibu from Kuching, memories then were just a blur hotel bathroom where I was puking and having the runs-another unforgettable from Sibu 🙁 Nowadays commercial empurau breeders are eyeing potential importers from China and HKG. Not sure if they will taste as good as the real thing from the river in Sibu!
Sat dinner was another gastronomical spread. Les cooked his famous yummy mussels in white wine at home with enjoyable company of Kim Beng, Angelique & Paul. Today Sun: sister-in-law Poh Kit made her homemade almond paste which to me is the best in the world. What more can one ask for after a scrumptious weekend like this? And I was NOT thinking or counting calories…

A gourmet who thinks of calories is like a tart who looks at her watch –
James Beard

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  1. I think it is the Sultan or King Fish. Am very blessed and lucky to have a brother and sister in law who are so caring, loving and generous.

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