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4 Nov 2010 – The Accidental Billionaires

Paul took off back to L’don after his two days conference and Linda flew off via China back to LAX. Hope that she will get a chance to see the LAM ancestral hall in Jiangmen when she is in Guangzhon. Catching up with movies and starting with Christmas shopping, just hate the thought of fighting with the crowd when the time gets nearer!

The Accidental Billionaires: The founding of Facebook, a tale of sex, money, genius and betrayal is a 2009 book by Ben MEZRICH about the founding of Facebook. Co-founder Eduardo SAVERIN served as MEZRICH’s main consultant. Mark ZUCKERBERY declined speaking with Ben while the book was being researched and after Mark and Eduardo settled their lawsuit, Eduardo broke off contact with Ben.

The movie The Social Network*** is based on the above book. 2hrs long with good acting but will anyone (besides those who are involved in it) ever know the true facts behind the startup of the sensational website/Facebook that grip the world? As Mark’s creation grows bigger by the day, politics, backstabbing, legal suits, differences in opinions creep in, ultimately, costing him to loose his only friend and partner in the company. A sad life of the corporate world!

The internet’s not written in pencil Mark, it’s written in ink. And you published that Erica Albright was a bitch right before you made some ignorant crack about my family’s name, my bra size, and then rated women based on their hotness – from the movie The Social Network

It’s a Wonderful Afterlife** this Bollywood comedy uses satirical and Ealing-style humour to depict life among the Indian community in the London suburb of Southall. Mrs Sethi is a widow who wishes to marry off her only daughter Roopi who is a little chubby and opinionated. Mrs Sethi finds that all her matchmaking efforts to find a suitor for Roopi are rudely rejected. She avenges her by killing off the failed dates using her culinary skills. A police hunt begins for a serial murderer using a killer curry.

Mrs S feels no guilt until the spirits of her victims come back to haunt her. They are unable to be reincarnated until their murderer dies. Mrs S must kill herself to free the spirits, but vows to get her daughter married off before this. Entertaining with some good laughs. The moral, don’t mess with daughters who have revengeful mothers 🙂

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