Another Earthquake

28 Feb 2010 – Last day of Feb

Feb has been quite a month ending with a 8.8 magnitude quake in Chile… where and when will the next tremor hit? Was listening to the internet BBC & CNN news and it was said that earthquakes do not kill people. Buildings etc which collapsed are what kill people. If you were in the middle of an open field, the chances of you surviving a quake is pretty good. Called cousins in Hawaii and good to know that the tsunami warnings were quite unnecessary but always better safe than sorry. For SIN, it has been the driest ever recorded with only 5.3mm rain recorded compared to 18.7mm last year. Staying in my quiet AC environment is the only place for me at present… not looking forward to receive my next electrical bill!

Busy busy busy weekend. First, an entertaining movie The Greatest Wedding On Earth/南北一家亲*** (black & white from the 1950s free screening by SIN Film Society) with AmyR at China Square. Yesterday, lunched with my blogger friends (Lucy, Ting & CH) followed with the best Lo Hei/撈起 by Ivy’s cousin. Thanks to Jessie & Frank for the 28 different ingredients Yúshēng/鱼生 dish. Abundance of fish, ikan parang/wolf herring which is what should be the correct ingredient and NOT any other fish. The Chinese calligraphy is for por-por’s 90th bday and the last sentence is so suitable to end the CNY celebrations for the LAM Heritage: LAM descendents good good good… a literal translation.

Met up with cousin CHEN WengKei & his wife today. We met for the first time over 2 years ago in Auckland/NZ and they are now visiting relatives in Borneo, Malaysia & Singapore. WK is from paternal grandmother’s branch CHAN/CHEN and he immigrated to Christchurch/NZ over 40 years ago. Do not have the capacity to cover that branch, just documenting that grandmother, CHAN Swee Ngor is one of 8 siblings. WK’s paternal grandfather was one of her siblings and he has info and has documented that  branch. Since it was the only day we could meet, Orchard Rd was the best place for them. Most who know me also know that I avoid going anywhere on the weekends but of course there are exceptions and this is one of them. Lucky Plaza on Sun is Philippine town! Tonight Chinatown will be having fireworks to mark the last day of CNY celebrations, the 15th day of the Tiger year. The thought of being there with the crowd and heat gives me a headache. Will decline the invitation and return to my quiet AC studio apartment…

Civilization exists by geological concept, subject to change with notice – Will Durant

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  1. Thanks for hosting lunch! We had a most enjoyable afternoon!

    You had a busy weekend indeed. That platter of yu sheng is enormous!

  2. Thanks for the great company and the yu sheng was not only enormous but the best.

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