Orcinus Orca

26 Feb 2010 – Keiko

Captivity and cruelty to the defenseless innocence and animals upset me to the degree that is not healthy for me. The habitat of wild animals should be out in the nature and not in captivity to be ogled at or to perform tricks for humans. The movie Free Willy**** (1993) brought me to tears; like the first and only time I watched a bullfight in Spain (1966) with my father, not realizing then what it involved! He was embarrassed about my emotional outburst and I received a lecture and a scolding later that evening. He even complained to my older siblings who also gave me another reprimand.

The six-tonne orca, Keiko from the movie died in a Norwegian bay (2003) age 26years where he had been living out his days since his release from captivity. 30-50years is the normal life span of orcas in the wild. In real life, Keiko was a captive whale in Mexico sparking animal rights campaigners to raise funds to release him. He was eventually brought to Iceland, thought to be the orca’s birthplace, for rehabilitation and training for living in the wild. When released in 2002, Keiko headed for Norway’s west coast. Although he was moved to a more remote spot, it appeared he liked the attention of humans and no wonder, especially when he was captured and tamed since a baby!

Yesterday’s headlines… Whale kills trainer really irks me. Should it not be the other way round? Trainer provokes whale to self-defense. In the case of killer whale where killer is not even the appropriate word for these mammals who belong out in the ocean, have their own level of intelligence and are able to communicate among themselves. These whales, the orca (Orcinus orca), is the largest member of the oceanic dolphin family.

Please enjoy and see these magnificent wild creatures or any wild animals as they are, ie in their habitats, and the only time to lift your fingers is on to your camera. Have a good weekend.

Power is no blessing in itself, except when it is used to protect the innocent – Jonathan Swift

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