Another Curry Murder

25 Feb 2010 –  Murderers & Soul!

LONDON- 12 Feb 2010: A woman whose secret lover of 16 years was preparing to marry a younger woman on Valentine’s Day last year poisoned his curry.

Mr Lakhvinder ‘Lucky’ Cheema, 39, died hours after eating the chicken curry which contained one of the world’s deadliest poisons, aconite. His fiancee, Ms Gurjeet Choongh, 21, became violently ill but survived as she had eaten less.

Lakhvir Singh, a 45-year-old mother of three, faces a life sentence after a British jury found her guilty on Wednesday of Mr Cheema’s murder and of causing grievous bodily harm with intent to his fiancee.

The court heard that Mr Cheema became engaged to Ms Choongh in November 2008, after his family began to suspect his taboo affair. He then decided to get married and settle down.

Singh left for India at that time but returned a month later, having made up her mind to poison him.

In the weeks leading up to the murder, she sent text messages to Mr Cheema in which she veered between despair – ‘there is no cure for lovesick persons’ – and self-pity – ‘sometimes I feel you have forgotten me, but my heart says that you cannot forget me’, the BBC said.

Chanced upon the above article when I was surfing to see when will be the next CNY day falling on the same day as Valentine’s Day. The other curry murder story happened in SIN in 1984. (posting 13 Aug 2009/The Curry Murder). Moral of these two murders… do not eat curry!

Came upon another interesting well-written blog, It’s a Frae World- where a young writer asked the question ‘Have we Lost our Soul?’ A good question but the answer is blowing in the wind. And here is an answer from an unemotional cynical elderly blogger who was at a wake last night! So many sole on the ground, but no soul to be found anywhere.

You don’t have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body – CS Lewis