19 May 2009 – The Gifts of Peace 

After reading blurting’s blog, this is my contribution on gift. The word gift=both married and poison! (Norwegian). Should the word gift (depending on context) replaced with present or token? Do the Norwegians have a different concept on marriage? Is marriage the only institution for having a family? At this stage of life, marriage is certainly NOT in the vocabulary but who knows, perhaps an occasional companion can be considered 🙂

Off to KL again tomorrow for another round of talk with 14th uncle LAM Tin Chong in hopes of keeping the honour of the LAM family in Jiangmen. 14th uncle is the eldest surviving male from father’s generation. One has to be careful to not let certain skeletons out of the closet when digging into the family history! Diplomacy is not my forte but will have to learn to practise much of it in this matter!! Can always hope for the best when intentions are for the common good of the family and the community. 


Freedom from desire leads to inner peace – Lao Tzu

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