Aghhh… alamak

15 Apr 2009 – Happy Bday Aileen Koh


I don’t believe that this is happening… and it is not even Fri the 13th!!! My washing machine decided not to spin, clothes are clean after the wash but dripping wet. Called the service department to discover that the model has been discontinued. Aghhh! Then the study chair broke and bought a new one at IKEA, only to discover that they gave me the wrong colour after I got home. Alamak, had to go all the way back to change it to the white one. Both teddy and I are happy with it now.


At least I have completed my taxes for Norway, SIN & the USA. Lawrence and I did our duties at Mandai Crematorium paying respects to our parents. Today, am looking forward to friends from Goa and HKG. Planning for a trip to Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia this weekend. A new washing machine will have to wait until sometime next week when there is more time to shop around. 

Alamak (singlish) = oh dear 

Oh Dear! What Can the Matter Be – kids’ song from an unknown writer

4 thoughts on “Aghhh… alamak

  1. One of those off days and let’s hope that there are not too many of those days!

  2. I can empathise with the broken washer. I have loads more clothes to wash than you. I’m glad mine’s fixed now. When you’re shopping for one, don’t buy the same brand I’m using. A Strateen. It has broken down 2x in 8 months!

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