23 Jul 2008 – Designs & Displays

Established in 1739, Glasmagasinet is one of Norway’s oldest department store with over 40 different shops. Linn & May’s paternal great-grandmother Emma Hald had shares with Glasmagasinet  She used to take me here to shop during my stay from 1974-1985.

Having been a fan of the simple clean-cut Scandinavian designs since my early teens, this is one of my favourite department stores. Hadeland, Steninge, Georg Jensen are three of the better known Scandinavian designs (Norway, Sweden & Denmark). Iitala, Marimekko are from Finland and it is not part of Scandinavia as some people assume but their designs are just as beautiful and famous too. But of course art, beauty and designs are very subjective!

People who live in glass houses don’t have much sex – Tom Best

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