9 Jul 2008 – Viking & Kings

Between 862-933 Harald Håfagre/Harald Fairhair (1st picture from left) ruled and joined Norway into one kingdom. 1000-1035 union with Denmark (independent between 1015-1028 under Olaf Haraldsson). 1035-1319: independent again. 1319-1905 union with Denmark & Sweden (with another short period of independent of 5-6 months under Christian Frederik).

1905 Norway has been a constitutional monarchy ruled by the House of Glucksburg. Haakon VII 1905-1956 (2nd picture), Olav V 1957-1991(3rd picture) and Harald V 1991-present (4th picture). The present Crown Prince, Haakon Magnus like his father married a commoner. His sister Martha Louise wrote a charming children’s book with delightful illustrations also translated to English titled Hvorfor de Kongelige ikke har krone på hodet/Why Kings and Queens Don’t Wear Crown.

Last picture: Den Norske Kongehus/Royal Palace (1824) is Oslo’s most important building with a commanding view of the main street Karl Joahns gata towards Stortinget/The Parliament.

The play’s the thing Wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the King – Shakespeare