Old Aker Church

30 Jul 2008 – Gamle Aker kirke http://www.gamle-aker.no

Jeff & John W arrived safely yesterday to join the rest of their family here. They will be heading to their Møsvann family mountain cabins for a few days before heading back to the USA. What a hectic trip!

This church is Oslo’s oldest remaining building and the only remaining church from the Middle Ages. It is assumed that it was built during the reign of Olav Kyrre (1066-93). It is a stone church, built as a three-naved Roman-style basilica. The church has been pillaged and ravaged by fire several times. The oldest part of the surrounding churchyard dates back to the 12th century.

The church was built over an old silver mine, Akersberg that was in use since the early Viking ages. The mines are mentioned in the 1170 Historia Norvegiae and have been the inspiration for a number of stories about the church having hidden silver treasures and even dungeons with dragons. Painting is by Edvard Munch. The baroque pulpit, baptismal font, Last Supper painting and 2 bridal chairs are from around 1700s.

 We are all serving a life sentence in the dungeon of self – Cyril Connolly