Absurdity & Reality

19 Jul 2008 – Karma

Living and working in Norway again after 23 years of absence opens another level of awareness. In the 1970s/80s, Oslo was a safe city to be walking around anytime; there were few foreign workers and beggars did not exist. Today it is not unusual to see the graffiti, muggings with violence, prostitution and beggars. The Norwegian newspapers Aftenposten stated in Mar 2008: Four times more crime in Oslo than New York. So much for the world’s most expensive city!

Been quite a TV junkie the past month. May has a flat-wide screen TV with BBC, CNN, Euro and Norwegian news channels 24-7. The global news with churches, finance, terrorists, the exchange of 2 dead Israeli soldiers with 5 live Hezbollah prisoners, etc all seem absurd when the reality of global warming is the real nemeses. No wonder people say that TV rots the brains!

The corruption, politics, turmoil etc in this volatile world are just so illogical, irrational and meaningless. What will the future bring when nations latch on to an identity, labels, segregation, race, religion, etc? These rigid ways of seeing, thinking, feeling and reacting will only result to more bondage, disharmony and wars. Cause and effect- karma.

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours – Wayne Dyer