Skrubbelund Nursery School

5 Jul 2008 – Skrubbelund barnehagen

Belated Happy Fourth and the weather here is perfect for an outdoor BBQ! A brand new nursery school located in Veitvet about 20mins by subway from the centre of Oslo was where I was working for 2 days. When Linn & May were in nursery schools, the minority race was maybe 1 or 2 in a group. The 2 days at this nursery school with about 15 kids ranging from 3-5 years and only 2 Caucasians was quite an eye-opener. The usual group is about 24 but being in the summer holidays, the group is smaller. Names like Kari or Ole are not the norm but neither are Atputhan and Sebesan!

Another perfect weather day for an outing yesterday and together with 4 other teachers, we took the kids to their little patch of land where they have planted sweet peas and reddish earlier in the spring. It was not a short walk and the sun was hot. Rather impressed that they walked all the way there and back without much complains.

It’s Innocence when it charms us, Ignorance when it doesn’t – Mignon McLaughin

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