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6 Jun 2008 – Conventional

Blogs can be an interesting way to meet & know people. Also my family & friends will know my whereabouts and whatabouts, unless they are computer illiterate! Blur ting, my first blog friend is an encouragement as she reads my blog regularly and I do the same to hers. To leave comments is a conventional way to reply but May mentioned about me being unconventional before she departed for a weekend wedding in the US.

Tried to ask her what her definations of conventional are and she opened The Random House Thesaurus and read – traditional, customary, accepted, proper, normal, regular, routine, usual. The discussion was cut short as she had to catch the airport shuttle. Safe flights to her. This blog is only a simple one. Semantics can be complicated, thus this blog does not have the brains or GB to go into it. 

The Bislett Games starts this evening. May‘s flat is around the corner from the stadium; announcements and cheers can be heard in the area over the speakers. The press conference tents, vans and equipments are all ready situated, so it will be well-covered by the press & media. Let the games begin!

Fortunately I will be away to visit with friends over the weekend but for today I will enjoy the Bislett area, taking pictures with the clear blue sky background. May‘s grandfather made a very touching comment over lunch – translated as accurately as I know how, he said, ‘Amy, you know that we worked very hard to get this glorious weather to welcome you’. Was so emotional that I had to fight the tears back.

When she stopped to the conventional picture of femininity, she finally began to enjoy being a woman – Betty Frieden

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  1. I enjoyed walking on the roof of our new opera house with you Amy. And sharing the bottle of white wine with shrimp salad at the outdoor cafe on that delightful afternoon, chatting and watching life go by. There will be more of that – I promise you. Mette

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