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21 Sep 2023 – Short&Sweet Visit From Chuan

Mon: bus36, bus-stop on MP-Rd again moved, but looks like the MT-TEL(brownLine)-MRTstation has come a long way in my absence.  Passing by the F1-Pit-building on the ECP and detouring after Suntec to NBridgeRd(thus traffic backup here) joining back the usual route on StamfordRd – but did not affect too much time despite of the diversion.

Mon-morning-movie, the best day for me, ie if not public holiday to catch new movies on a big screen, and one of my favourite cinemas is Lido/Shaw@Orchard with panorama view to Ion&Tangs and a nice comfortable sitting area by a McD.

HauntingInVeniceHerculePoirot is here again to solve an adaption of another of AgathaChristie’s novel crime. But he will also has to figure out if supernatural forces are interfering in the investigation? Spoiler alert, so do not read on for my thoughts here regarding where some mother’s love(do wonder about LOVE! especially MotherLove here??) can be difunctionally unhealthy.

AssamFish+Achar-lunch @WarungPadang/ FoodRepublic(ShawHouse,#B1-02) with endless decent food selections here.

Being back here has its advantages that places&things are familiar, but always something new to discover, this time round a SugarCaneFreshJuice machine/FortuneCentre. Not only can I now get fresh OJ, now also this without having to deal or talk to anyone. Tkx to a dear nephew Clement for taking time to be with his old-auntie to lunch, movies, T and for getting me to line up for the 10mil-lottery, hahaha! A quick hello@CC to arrange a date to present the PEI-Hike/Thanksgiving,Thu23Nov2023.

Tue: welcome Chuan, nice to catch up and looking forward to the next 2days in his company, tkx for one of the best(to my taste)PineappleTarts. Has been~5yrs ago since we last met. SIN-KCH-SIN 2018 – Here-There-Everywhere – This-That-Everything ( Appreciations to Chuan&Leonard for coming over to the EastSide for dinner&dessert – has been hot day and 1+hr on the bus to their area would have given me a worse headache.

Wed: guiding Chuan from 10.30hrs FullertonHotel-TheMerlion-

NationalGallery-VictoriaHall-ArtsHouse-ACM-met Leonard to

lunch@GodmamaPeranaken/Funan, good OtakOtak&NgohHiang(pork& prawn rolls).

PeranakanMuseum sheltering from pouring rains@SMU. Underground all the way from BrasBasah/CCL(orangeLine)MRT-PlazaSIN for VietnameseDinner@CôChung. Showered&crashed before 22.00hrs, body&mind not at their best with muti-functions/tasks like today – hahaha.

Thu: picked up OtakOtak@OldAirportRd for Chuan(unable to get these in KCH). Exploring the Sarawak eateries@Jewel&T4, planning a trip to KCH to pay my respects to Lawrence in Nov, so no need to eat these foods now!

Has been ~5yrs since in T4 and these kinetic installations PetalClouds are fun&hypnotic to watch – cannot get enough of these and the KineticRains@T1. Safe trip to Chuan till we meet again soon.

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