25 Sep 2023 – Reflect Before React&Reset

Fri: have been cleaning,washing,drying&airing(make hay while the sun shines!) over this week before packing hiking gears away until the next round. Running errands@PkWay – tkx to Theresa&CJ for yummy steak dinner, she makes the best steak-sauce.

Sat: been back a week and have been busy with family&visitor and usually prefer not to be out&about in town in the weekends. Crowds and many ppl have never been my forte – not even in my younger days! At this stage, will just about to do anything to avoid crowds. Need this weekend to rest,relax&reflect before reacting to what is ahead!

Countless words
count less
than the silent balance
between yin and yang ― Lao Tzu

Sun: tkx to Seb for this share which certainly applies to me,hahaha! The other pix taken on PEI(sticker on a car) and like it. The morning rains are calming&nice, but getting used to the climate,culture,diet,etc again certainly takes its toll on an aging body&mind!! despite everything being familiar. Hopefully humour will keep me going. Seems like the body needs time to adjust to all the foods – no matter how scrumptious, will have to take it slow.

Tkx for dinner@Rochalie – yummy homemade dinner and walked ~5+k with Clement after dinner to get the bus from BkMerah. A nice cool evening after the heavy rains and snoozing on a uncrowded 196bus, unlike when on the way earlier, bus36 was packed like sardines&noisy that I had to close my eyes&meditate to get thru’ the ride.

Good to see the Fabulous5 together for the weekend and doing well in their activities – tkx to 1st-born&Cindy for this share.

Mon: getting rid of 5months-dust within 4-walls and this time round, seems to be worse due to the MRT-constructions outside. Grateful that I am still capable of doing it myself even if it will take a few weeks, using this as exercise for the rest of the month+next month. Most of the hiking gears are now ready to be stored&put away.

To be able to get lunch&dinner all ready-made with 4dishes, including clams,currychicken+2side-veggies&riceS$8 is such a treat. Today’s grocery@Giant was a pleasant surprise with a free offer of a Häagen-Dazs-icecream scoop+another tub when 2tubs were purchased on promotion. Imagine that all the icecream consumed within this 4-walls, this is the first icecream scoop in here!

To be worn out is to be renewed ― Lao Tzu

Mon25Sep2023: Happy National Daughters’ Day – having 2daughters is a total blessing.

Watching them grow to be beautiful&wonderful people who have also made me to be a proud grandmother to 6amazing grandchildren – thank you for being the most important part in and of my life

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