17 Sep 2023 – Safe&Sound In SIN

Wed&Thu: tkx to Jeff for driving me to the CAE-airport and appreciations to my Fabulous5&their parents for this time round. The next time round here will be May2024 for #1’s Graduation. For now until Fri, 4airports+flying hours. Besides airports,airplanes&crowds(2 is company and 3 is a crowd-hahaha), packing is another thing on the least favourite things to do on the list…

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all – after 4airports: CAE-IAD(1+hr flying&5+hrs layover@IAD(where there was time for a bite from Chick-fil-A)-SFO(5+hrs flying&2+hrs layover@SFO on a full flight-SIN(15+hrs flying!). Total shock to the system from these overwhelming crowds!! Now safe&sound back within my 4-AC-walls here in SIN️ feeling more human after a LONG-nap. Les had Ablation done@FarrerPkHospital today. For me, done in Norway/Feb2017, and so far it is still ticking OK.

LHL-klinikkene Feiring – Here-There-Everywhere – This-That-Everything (

Sat: Happy 80Bday to Ivy. Had to activate the renewed PassionSilverCard (found it in the pile of mail, tkx to niece for clearing my mailbox in my absence), explained why the expired card did not worked on the bus when I arrived yesterday! Bus to BedokBusInterchange, then another bus to OldAirportRd to pick up miniPaus for Ivy&Les, also to visit Les after his procedure&stay at the hosptial. MRT/CCL(orangeLine) to MarinaBay changing to TEL(brownLine) to OrchardBlvd, buses that will take me to the OrchardRd area are redirected due to F1. Took from 11.00-16.00hrs and on top of the heat&humidity, it was quite exhausting. Kat is here for the weekend, and we arr on the same plane from SFO,CA/USA yesterday without knowing that we were on the same plane!!

Sun: another good night sleep last night to be able to think logically again! Somehow it is strange to be back where things are so familiar after being on a go for~5months. Now even my laptop is on the same time as where I am – hahaha! Looking forward to catching up with family&friends and to some local foods – cockles(SeeHums)&durians. Looks like MT-hawkers&market is closed for renovations and will not be opened until Oct, and in SIN there is certainly no lack of eateries, even in this neighbourhood. Also at this stage, eating smaller portions slowly and to an advantage that hopefully will not put on weight. With the shorter walks on PEI+all the eating, no weight has been gained or lost! Tkx to Ivy&Les for dinner.

Took the same route there as yesterday, but being Sunday night with the F1 ongoing, thank goodness there was no need to deal with crowds or with anybody on the MRT!

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