2022 Movies To Watch

14 Feb 2023 – Tiger Lily Wine

Sat: from Loon – It could not be more typical of you, its even an outlaw – that is so much like a hiker.  Appreciations&tkx to AT-hiker Loon for this site. If I do get to Damascus, VA,USA for TrailDays in 19-21May2023, will get a few bottles to share. Besides my own 2005AT-thru-hike-trail name, TigerLily, do also remember the trail names of those who hiked with me then.


Sun: have been watching older movies from Netflix, etc and of course not remember most of them! List of 2022movies on the big screen to watch if not travelling. RottenTomatoes/RT guide list has 100choices to choose from but not all are to my taste! 12 of my choice, one for each month. So far have watched #3(brilliant performance of a grumpy widower by TomHanks), 4(dark and slow moving), 7(entertaining), 11(good cross-culture acting).

A Love Song/USA,drama
A Man Called Otto/USA,drama comedy – not in RT list
Banshees on Inisherin/Ireland,black tragicomedy
Everything Went Fine/French,drama
Mrs Harris Goes To Paris/USA,comedy-drama
The Long Walk/Lao,sci-fi horror
The Quiet Girl/Ireland,drama
10 The Whale/USA,drama
11 What’sLoveGotTo DoWithIt/UK,comedy – not in RT list
12 Women Taking/USA,drama


Mon: mask-wearing is no longer mandatory on public transport from today as COVID-19 restrictions are stepping down to Dorscon-Green. Not even sure if SIN was ever in Dorscon-Red?? Will still keep mask handy when indoors in crowds, handwashing regularly and not touching the face, etc will ALWAYS be good habits to have.


Tue: Happy Valentine’s Day – the origins of Valentine’s Day is a pagan festival, Lupercalia in ancient Rome, not as romantic as you would imagine! It is said later that Valentine was a priest, who defied emperors’ orders and secretly married couples to spare husbands from wars; he was beheaded on 14Feb~270AD.

Love is blind, marriage is the eye-opener — P Thomason


Today according to Hallmark, ~145million cards are sold in USA and ~250million stems of flowers globally each year!

At my age, an affair of the heart is a bypass! —Joan Rivers

Grocery shopping day@Giant in Tampines – to be updated in next posting…

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