LASALLE College Of The Arts

6 Feb 2022 – Visitors from Ireland

Fri: Welcome to the Rowans from Ireland. Appreciations&tkx to management&staff for an information&interesting LASALLE College of Arts tour.

Our eating&walking tour started at 1McNallySt, a bite of DimSum@FortuneCentre, and from CHIJMES, doing another similar ColonialWalk as with Tanja&Bill –

Ice-cream-break in front of ACM, tea-break@LauPaSat and ended the walk with a well-deserved beer tasting@LeVeL33 Craft-Brewery, world’s highest Urban Microbrewery.

Thank you BroJoe for keeping the rains away from your family until we were done with today’s tour.

Many are not aware that BroJoe(1923-2002) designed our IrishGradsOfSIN/IGAS logo and also he was the principal@StPatrick’s in 1975. When I returned to SIN in 1998-99 to live&work, the statue(but did not take any pix then), in the building on MarineParadeRd was a different one of that from today.

Many thanks to Margaret&Peter+Brendan for gifts and just love those Irish sayings, a country where I have had many experiences that have shaped part of my life journey. On Bus196 and the sky opened up on the way back to the EastSide. Going to be another night of good night sleep.

Sat: another lovely cool&wet day to chill and relax. Need to do some PowerPoint homework for the course, but not sure as to what I am doing, just going to give it a shot and hope that it is on the correct track…

In loving memory of bro Lawrence who would have been 89today. Have been at the piano for 6+decades and still at it when mood&time permit; the ukulele is only recently&btw! but the cello is history. Looking to donate the cello to some good cause and just heard from the administrators from LASALLE that the music department are in the talks. Would be appropriate place for the cello as Ireland was where I got my music scholarship&education.

Sun: Happy ChapGohMei十五暝 – meaning the 15night of CNY in the Chinese/Hokkien dialect and today signifies the end of the 15CNYday celebrations – also considered the Chinese equivalent of Valentine’sDay in some of this part of the world. Happy Thaipusamதைப்பூசம் to those marking this day, a festival celebrated by the Hindu/Tamil community on the full moon in the Tamil month(pix credits to niece Pat/May).Tkx to Seb for helping out with the WixWebsite course.

A wet afternoon eating&waiting patiently for the LionDance@MeiHeongYuen/Chinatown. Since this was the only CNY-LIonDance I would have the chance to watch, was supposed to start ~1600hrs! Rains cannot stop this Samsui woman from her work(pix credits to Victor), so no complains for eating, waiting&watching life goes by here at my favourite Chinese dessert location today!

Delayed by the rains until ~1900hrs, worth the wait

for this amazing 1hr performance by 新加坡鹤山会馆武术醒狮团SIN HokSanAssociationLionDanceTroupe

The finale with BossLady blessed with the good luck rearrangement&4D#9176. The year of the WaterRabbit has so far really brought water almost throughout the 15days of the CNY.

We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams – Angela Monet
Mon: a day to put away CNYdecorations, etc+whatever that needs to be put away and organized…