RIP 13Uncle LEE PakHoy(1928-2023)

21 Feb 2023 – Condolences to the LEE-family

Sat: nice quite day to relax and just as well despite not knowing what will happen the week ahead…

Sun: 13uncle LEE PakHoy(1928-2023) passed away peacefully today ~11.00hrsSIN-time. Condolences to 13auntie, cousins LEE Yeng+ZaoMing, LEE Ching+HengHuat, and niece XU Jessica for the loss of their husband,father,f-i-l,grandfather. May he RIP. Wake to be held tonight&tomorrow night@OurLady of LourdesChurch,50-OphirRd,S-188690. Cremation Tue21Feb 20.00hrs.

Uncle LEE PakHoy is the son of paternal grandmother CHAN SweeNgor’s sister, but I do not have details of this branch of the family. Have met CHAN WeiKeng&family and AuntieNgor&family from the CHAN branch, but as far as I know it is also a large family.

Tkx to nephew Clement for my favourite HokkienMee dinner@BullionBar/EC-Rd and SouffléPancake@Typhoon TaiwaneseCafe/i12 KatongMall. Nice needed ~5k walk eating our way on the EastSide and walk on EC-Pk.

Mon: booked tickets with S$1,724.33/RT to leave SIN Mon1May2023 via-SFO-IAD to arr in CAE,USA 2May2023 – hoping&keeping my fingers crossed that things will work out for me to reunite with my flock in SC,USA this summer. It has been 3+yrs ago, Oct2019 since I was last in USA. The mind is willing, but not sure how the body will handle 4airports on different time-zones on these long-distance flights – time will tell…

Wake@OurLady of LourdesChurch/SIN, not that 13uncle was a religious man but just that there are too many deaths recently and this is one of few available places to hold a wake. Interesting to overhear held mass under a tent in Tamil(must be the first time hearing this) by the church under renovation, not surprising considering that it is in the neighbourhood of LittleIndia. 

Dinner@Herbivore/FortuneCentre with Doris.

Tue: those celebrating Mardi Gras today, enjoy but do take care. Sad to hear about the Mardi Gras celebration shooting in NewOrleans,LA,USA.

Back to the church to follow the hearse to the crematorium.

MandaiCrematorium – first time here in the dark, no lights at my parents’ niches made it unadvisable to visit. But tonight is to wish our uncle a safe last journey on earth.

Appreciations to the LEE-cousins&family (missing Yeng who just had surgery in Canada, but hoping to be in SIN on Thu) for a delicious meal@TheFamousKitchen/SembawangRd (known for its OvenBakedVolcanoChicken火山烤雞) celebrating life with fond memories for their father. Uncle PakHoy shared his big smile with humour and my memories of him are of his passion for his hobbies in bonsai&photography.

A good answer by any seniors who have to deal impertinent younger ppl…