2022 Season’s Greetings

26 Dec 2022 – With Family & Friends

Fri: நன்றிNaṉṟi thank you to DavidTAN on this last 2022Fri&23AdventDay for DimSum-lunch@SpringCourt 詠春园 Spring where it is the only DimSum restaurant serving good popiah. Welcome back David(FB-friend) from the US and first time meeting him today with this group. Its today and not yesterday that Chinatown is in the schedule!


Welcome home grandnephew Darryl from Australia. After being away for one year, his first request was for a Prata meal. Caught up Darryl+the family, not for food as the stomach would explode with more food.

Sat: here is to thanking for gifts during this season of giving. Wishing each&everyone of you a peaceful, joyful holiday season. Enjoy your moments with family&friends + the extra spark of gratitude the season brings. Appreciations to Hannah&Heiko for German home-baked cookies and for helping to eat left-overs!

Yes, it’s been said, many times, many ways, but we still mean it just as much! Merry Christmas and Peace to all.
Sun: on this first day of Christmas, no partridge and a pear tree, but a scrumptious Christmas-Lunch@TanglinClub.
Buffet starters with champagne
Main dish of turkey(had to doggie-bag) with red-wine and buffet dessert.
Welcome nieceKat+her daughtersDevon&Eliot back to SIN, good that they are back here considering the massive winter storm happening in the US. Nice to be able to gather together again, 22family members of the LAM TinYueBranch (missing 48more here)+6friends – appreciations&thanks to broLeslie&Ivy. Pix credits to David.
Here’s to a bright&cheerful present, a well-remembered past, and a new year filled with delight.
Thank you Adeline for this video – this party popper has&will always ring in the season with laughters&joy for all generations.
Mon: Happy Boxing Day – History.com explains that one theory of the holiday’s origin is that the day after Christmas was when boxes filled with small gifts and money would be given to household servants and employees who had to work on Dec. 25. The gifts were meant as a thank you for their service throughout the year. Today Boxing Day is primarily known as a shopping holiday, and no you are not going to find me near any shops, especially today also a public holiday in SIN. https://www.britannica.com/topic/Boxing-Day
Tkx to Clement for DimSum-lunch@PeachGarden/OCBC Centre with my favourite JellyFish.
Walk from FullertonHotel down the SIN-River to discover this new sculpture, Vitalita by Anna Chiasa Spellini – not sure how or at what angle to look from?
Caught in action by Boon!! tkx for pix, but no tkx for not saying hi, hahaha. On the way to desserts@Funan where friends are angels who lift our feet when our own wings have trouble remembering how to fly.
Ppl in parts of US, plx be safe&warm as powerful winter storm claims at least 22 lives across the US as temperatures plunge. https://edition.cnn.com/2022/12/24/weather/christmas-arctic-winter-storm-power-outages-saturday/index.html

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