Grazie For An Italian Feast

22 Dec 2022 – Tis The Season

Mon: Grazie/thank you on this 19thAdventDay to Wendy for hosting a scrumptious ChristmasFeast@CC with IrishOysters,

Pasta made by Marco from DOP-MozzarellaBar&Restaurant, do not usually eat much pasta, but had seconds here, highly recommended.
Tue: thousand thanks to cousin GGIreneLAM/RGLAM JeeChewBranch(older brother of RGLAM SongKee) on this 20thAdventDay for this share. Such a momentous day with this exciting new to ring in the season. Sending everyone here love, light, laughter for good memories and for a bright&healthy 2023.
Wed: Happy Winter Solstice/Dongzhi/冬至節on this 21AventDay, the arrival of winter and the shortest day of the year. Enjoy your TongYuen/湯圓 literally soup-ball – glutinous rice flour dumpling filled with various fillings like black sesame, my favourite. Usually just plain round white-balls, but since I like to play with food, sharing these downloaded fancy ones!
Tkx to KK for gifts and lunch company. 1st tasting these mini citrus and even the skin is good, not need to peel away the skin.
Thu: The Banshees Of Inisherin leads LondonCritics’ CircleAwards nomination. WildAtlanticWay, InisMor &AchillIslands were amazing when last visited. Being on screen brought back lovely memories despite of the movie being on the dark side…
Somehow there was some confusion and was in Chinatown today when it is supposed to be tomorrow. Anyways all’s well that ends well and things happen for a reason – managed to get some errands done since I was there that would probably not be done tomorrow.
Appreciate visit from cousins Yeng&ZhaoMing (visiting from Vancouver/Canada) and Ching&HengHuat, could kick myself for forgetting to take pix when I for once! had them together this afternoon – what’s up with me today? first, wrong day and then forgetting to take pix?? Tkx cousins for these interesting docs which will eventually be donated to the library here and to the LAM AncestralHall in China.

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