Christmas Village 2022

18 Dec 2022 – Laptop Issues

Wed: welcome auntie Ngor back to SIN and tkx to cousin Karen for arranging for us all to meet. As it was needed to run some errands@PP. Somehow unable to get into my WordPress to post, so just making short notes in WordDoc to copy and paste when I can access to my blog. This beautiful water-colour painting with even a nissen on the envelope to match is painted by my talented Swedish friend. Tack så mycket/thank you so much for 2overseas greetings from Sweden USA arriving on this 14thAdventDay.

Thu: a trip to CGH to visit sis Jo who is in decent spirit with a good appetite, so all in all she is as well as can be! Her single room there even has a balcony with her own bathroom. ShkranLakشكرًا لك’/thank you for my 1st cup of coffee made by a robot on this 15thAdventDay. Good&tasty MeeSiam brunch@Kaffe&toast before visiting hours and for once I am not the patient this time round!

I think we should all start worrying about being downloaded and put in robots — Jane Espenson

Fri: Giant/Tampines a last trip there for 2022 and today’s with a good saving of $11savings for promotional items + $3.50SenS&$2.50YUU, total of S$17. TGIF, a good weekend ahead and Vielen Dank/thank you for this 16thAdventDay. As the Northern Hemisphere countries head into the darkest day of the year, am here in the tropics enjoying the memories of some of these yummy seasonal Norwegian foods.

Do miss the best Medisterkaker by EllenHald where she has reindeer meat in the mixture, Rype by KariHeggelund and Bacalhau by IngridHustad

Sat: 谢谢 Xièxiè/thank you&welcome to my 2022ChristmasVillage on this 17thAdventDay. Has been quite some time ago since KW was at our season’s annual pot-luck-gathering. Happy Holidays Ting,CH,Bev&KW – tis the season to drink and be merry and see y’all in 2023.

As we gathered upstairs, the other gathering downstairs what we thought was an Indian wedding turned out be an Indian Cultural affair as we later discovered on our way for dinner.

Dinner@MarineTerrace entertained by life-music, never a dull moment when living in HDB-heartland communities.

Sun: Happy Hanukkah to those marking the beginning of this celebrations, תודה/thank you on this 18thAdventDay and 4thSunday of Advent and to Leonard to fixing my laptop issues. This final candle symbolizes peace reminding us of the message of the angels: Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men. And may each&everyone of you find your Peace towards Good will to all.