Aging Is Not For Sissies

22 Aug 2022 – There Is No Meaning – Just Live And Do Your Best

Fri: tkx to Terry for reminding me with the US-schools systems and which grades our common grandchildren are at. Not having been there for nearly 3yrs does take the toll on the aging memory! Schools there have resumed since 13Aug and at this stage, not easy to get them all with just one shot. #2 drives them to the HighSchool, #4&5 walk across the street to the MiddleSchool. #4 looks like a high schooler and competes in varsity cross country. 1st weekend of school@Lexington,SC,USA – pix credits to 1st-born

#6(11)in Norway and not sure what grade he is in as again another different schooling system.

Sat: thank you Wendy for these beautiful tropical blooms – made my day despite of the rains&health issues! For those not aware, the pink EtlingeraElatior/TorchGinger/BungaKantan when in its bud stage is delicious chopped finely into salads,Rojak&NasiUlam and all these foods I like will have to be put on hold for a few weeks!

Live simple, love well, and take time to smell the flowers along the way — Mark Twain
Sun: for the next 3days will have to be on a low residue diet for the colonoscopy on Wed – that means tea with just sugar, clear soups, plain white bread or toast, fish or chicken porridge. As it is the appetite is not great for now, so no problems but will miss fresh produces. To age gracefully for me means commitment to self-care, having an adventurous spirit, a playful&positive attitude, a grateful heart, living&loving life without regrets! There is no meaning, just live and do your best.

Was wondering in Jun what these leaf will look like when they open? Here they are taking nearly 2months to unfold – the heart-folded-shape to me is more symbolic of innocence and the unfolded leaf the loss of innocence!

Maybe I don’t really want to know what’s going on. Maybe I’d rather not know. Maybe I couldn’t bear to know ― Margaret Atwood

Mon: NDR 2022 Govt here in SIN will repeal Section 377A, a Singaporean law introduced under British colonial rule that criminalises sex between consenting male adults. It was added to the Penal Code in 1938 by the colonial government. The Government has no intention of changing the definition of marriage or these policies.

Here are wise words regarding GayRights from LKY(1923-2015) was one of the most brilliant statesmen of this world and the only politician who I highly admire&respect.

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