Green Thumbs

18 Aug 2022 – Salman Rushdie & the Satanic Verses 

Mon: appreciations to 2nd-born in Norway for the progress of her GreenThumb. Can practically smell the fragrance of those beautiful roses, and tkx to Mette, also from Norway for her white roses.

Flowers are restful to look at. They have neither emotions nor conflicts — Sigmund Freud

Some blooms on the citrus but am told that the avocado apparently take yrs before it fruits. So with some luck perhaps can be there to see&taste what home-grown avocado can be like! Read that if you are growing from a seed, it can take anywhere from 5-13yrs before the tree is mature enough to set fruit, so even if the tree survives to fruit, will I?

To another GreenThumb, niece JenLeng who manages to get AirPlant to bloom. All these plants bringing back memories of the JadePlant that needed a truck to be moved from CarmelByTheLake,Casselberry,FL,USA back to the family who first gave me this plant!


Jul 2015: Thank you to Jan & Al for putting me up in their beautiful homes in Orlando and Ormond By The Sea. Appreciations to those who took time to meet. JadePlant with a couple of leafs was given to me by Alonzo (Jan’s father) when I first moved to FL in the late 1980s. Gave it to Jan when I left FL in the late 1990s and today it is still thriving and growing.

Tue: oh! the irony of a good eg of cancel culture backfiring and still have an old publication from 1989 hard copy of the book. Today it leaps to top Amazon bestseller lists, 547pp written over 5yrs, considered a speculative-friction, will have to reread and as far as my memory can recall do remember it being well-written and if questioning Islam is blasphemy, then I too must be blasphemic as I do question every 4,200religions! Here again to never judge a book by its cover or title! Thoughts of then&now might not be the same and with my eyesight nowadays, will go for the audiobook –

May2018: good&interesting talk – SalmanRushdie with KrishnanGuruMurthy 30yrs on from the controversial publication of TheSatanicVerses and after listening to this talk where he commented that many have probably not even read this book which is so true considering the ignorance of fanatics&masses and how dangerous&destructive they can be  –

Wed: to all celebrating and marking today Happy Indonesia Day – in Indonesian (SIN’s neighbour with the same flag-colours minus crescentMoon+5stars!), this day is known as HariUlangTahunKemerdekaanRepublikIndonesia/HUT RI, or simply HariKemerdekaan, and colloquially referred by the ppl as Tujuhbelasan=the 17th.

Started the day at 0500hrs catching the first 196bus@0545hrs, changing to bus75 arr@SGH early enough to calm down for views of the art&greenery from another angle&another level before being scoped! With the Endoscopey done, ready for Colonoscopy next week – in at one end and out at the other hahaha!

Thu: sometimes just breathing can be such a luxury.

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