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12 Jun 2022: In Imaginary Norwegian Woods!

Thu: Happy 13thBday to #4 in USA. A decade ago she gave us a Panic-Moment when we were searching high&low and to our relief we found this adorable sweet toddler napping inside the laundry basket turning it into a Kodak-Moment.

Today an active beautiful teenager playing the double-bass, running and soccer – looking much forward to her SIN visit next month.
Fri: getting food&groceries@the local market before 0700hrs and before more ppl are out, also avoiding being out in the weekends. This is what is blooming@2nd-born’s in Norway – Bear’s Garlic/wild garlic and I am guessing that Bjørn’s name=bear in Norwegian and he is growing this for his namesake – hahaha
Made my day to receive this from #6 – what a sweetheart. Mailed on the 27May from Norway, received in SIN 10Jun – postage NOR128/S$18+ for a tube of lotion SKOG=forest in Norwegian with a lovely scent of pine-forest will bring back much fond memories from Norwegian Christmas and being out in nature there! Will have to live vicariously from imagination, memories, scents, other ppl recent events&travelling pix, etc until when I can feel more comfortable to be out on the go again.
Sat: tkx to Stanley for this delivery – he & Judy are moving out of BukitMerah to Bedok, giving away bro Steven’s alcohol collection over the years. Not about to drink any, but not sure how I can use them for cooking. No problems with the Cognac for Gravlaks and Whisky for BourbonSalmon, but need to learn cooking chicken soups with D.O.M Benedictine; the rest will go to CC’s shelves with Calvin’s+my other decorative bottles there.

Many ppl (including my families&friends in SIN, Norway&USA) I know of have tested C+ and who knows how many more who I do not know of, not taking risks to be out or socializing unnecessarily. At this stage in life’s journey with whatever underlying health issues existing or not, it is not worth to take uncalculated risks. Have known ppl who has taken the ACTtest with-results, but PCRtest with+results.

According to CK who had a runny-nose, slight fever&cough for a couple of days when he was tested C+ in Nov2021. The rest of the time he was perfectly fine until he lost taste&smell, which didn’t come back till ~3months later,  and he thinks not all came back and some food just don’t taste the same like before. He just felt restless from being cooped in a room for almost 3week! Protocols different nowadays, but to lose taste&smell can really be a bummer for a foodie like me!

Sun12Jun2022 1000hrs: looks like my immune system has finally admit to defeat despite of 3C19shots+1flu-shot+1PVCshot/pneumonia. 2weeks ago, dinner with 2others who were down with C+ and a week ago with 1other who has also been down with C+ now to isolate until ARTtest negative.

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