Red Wine In Moderation

8 Jun 2022 – Might Keep The Cardiologist Away!

Sun: has been a long while since I have been out of my 4-walls and on a go for 12+hrs. 0800hrs on the 196Bus to Commonwealth (now I know 3ppl in this area) to help Wendy for her move, but first a cuppa with a typical SINbreakfast. Helping her is enough to convince me that I do not want to make another move if not necessary – you never know how much you have until you have to move!! Appreciations to Iyas for letting me clean up&change at his place before attending a cremation.

Tkx to Leonard for this bottle of yuzu, a citrus fruit called yuja in Korean, or yuzu in Japanese making a nice refreshing drink.

  • Highly nutritious – Yuzu is low in calories but highly nutritious
  • Contains powerful antioxidants
  • May improve blood flow
  • May have anticancer properties
  • May protect your brain

Paid respects to my parents since I was@MandaiCremetorium for YeeLing’s cremation – condolences to her family. Her brothers KK&Ken flew back in time but their luggage did not make it, thus Ken only had his travelling clothes and as KK humour went in his eulogy, no one sat next to him – KK has inherited his good sense of humour from his mother.

Mon: Queen Elizabeth II (96) made a surprise appearance on the balcony of BuckinghamPalace as part of the final day of celebrations to mark her historic platinum jubilee 70-year reign. Reading about the RoyalFamily’s track record it will be doubtful that any of them will be able to be like her beyond any doubts carried her duties&responsibilities for her country&her people to her fullest – respect and Long Live the Queen.

For ppl who are not aware, SIN was a British colony from 1819 (for a total of 140yrs), interrupted by Japanese invasion during WW2 1942-45. SIN was returned to British rule in 1945 until 1962.
British colonial era (1819–1942)
Japanese Occupation (1942–1945)
Post-war period (1945–1962)
Internal self-government (1955–1963)
Merger with Malaysia (1963–1965)
Republic of Singapore (1965–present)

A good Mon&week ahead to all. Thank you to a wonderful brother&cardiologist who supplies me all the wine in my 4-walls, but have yet to taste the Romanee Conti(1999) in his cellar and waiting for the occassion to taste that. According to him, a glass of red wine in moderation might keep the cardiologist away – hahaha, maybe the Queen takes a glass of red wine daily! lol.

Men are like wine – some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age — Pope John XXIII

Sorry boss, I’ll be late for work because there’s a python outside my door – sound like an incredulous excuse! If this happened to me, no need to call and no need for red wine – would have had a heart attack!

Tue&Wed: helping out with the finishes touches for CC’s newly renovated kitchen – to be edited with pix.

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