AngelMed Guardian Device

29 Aug 2020 – Marine Parade’s Hawkers

Wed: exciting news in the medical world for the first implant of the AngelMed Guardian device in Asia-Pacific by a leading Cardiologist LeslieLAM – so proud of my big brother. Hope that I may never need one of those even when being an admirer of angels, do like their logo – pix downloaded.

Many of us have had Oracle experiences, though we may not have called them that. Have you had the feeling there’s a guardian angel looking out for you? Or heard an inner voice that is not your own? Gotten a profound insight that you would not have otherwise considered? Had your prayers answered? Especially in an unexpected way? These are a few of the ways that the invisible world guides us.― Cristina Smith

Thu: tkx to Henry for lunch company@MarineT Hawkers and happy to find fresh figs in my local neighbourhood fruit stall. Made ClamChower&BourbonSalmon dinner for niece.

Fri:  TGIF – ChalkFarm, a cake-shop named after a stop on London’sNorthern TubeLine, opened its first outlet in Paragon in 2013 and its second outlet in Parkway Parade/PP in 2014, and I only noticed it today!! The cakes here looks good and will be interesting to taste some of this fusion local SIN kuays.

Mooncakes are now available in some shops and online. As usual, all kinds of fancy and expensive ones, you can even find Durian Mooncake! As much as I like durians, my preference has always& will always be the old-fashioned original filled with just plain lotus seed paste. Have tired many and will keep trying incase I do find one that I like better. Some of these boxes which the cakes are presented are amazingly beautifully made.

ColdStorage/PP to pick up some steaks and was in luck. The tenderloins were on discount, 2pieces~280gr for S$13.42. Dinner for Clem tomorrow night – steaks with CaramalisedOnions&MushroomStew (family’s favourites sides for their steaks) and dessert from FourLeaves.

Sat: today’s Hawker’s Food Centre, 84MarineParade – trying to list one hawker centre every week that I have tried.

4stalls, where I have tried and would recommend, not that the other stalls are no good, just do not have the time to try them all. Apollo Fresh Cockle FriedKwayTeow is the place if you like wet KwayTeow. DimSum&Popiah without prawns (S$1.80) are decent for their prices. Xin Long CookedFood (Chap Chye Png), get there before lunch hour if you are not prepared to stand in lines. Not sure why the ChickenRice stall (across from the popiah stall) is not open today, hope that the owners are OK as it is another stall I like.

The welcoming downpours stared at noon today – the sound&sight of rains need no words or pix to enjoy. Another link for more things to do and this one is for the outdoors. Keeping most of my activities to the weekdays so as not to get caught with any crowds. Enjoying the weekend in my 4-walls vegetating by the screen – a good weekend to all.

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