Quiet Weekend

25 Aug 2020 – Seven Sisters Festival 七姐诞

Sat: am not sure what or why is it that I need this weekend to figure out what will be in the last quarter of 2020 before I turn 71. Coincidentally, there have been signs here&there for me to deal with, but have been sweeping them under the carpet. Time to lift up the carpet and check if it could fly – hahaha.

Sun: lovely wet&grey morning to start the day and was easily distracted by this image bringing back memories of spectacular views from my first 1967 visit with father. Norway is one of the few countries that has a never-ending places to see in my bucket-list and this is another one to add. Ways in to Lysebotn is by boat or by the spectacular Lysebotnvegen, 29Km, rises 900+metres, going through 27hairpin turns, including one hairpin turn inside a 1,103-metre tunnel that goes inside the mountain. The road was opened in 1984 and it is open only in the summer.

Mon: tonight, if clear, try look up the sky and spot the two brightest stars against the Milky Way. On the 6th-night of the 7th-lunar month, the stars, Vega&Altair or more visibly Jupiter&Saturn, will come close together, with the Milky Way looking like a bridge. Tomorrow, on the 7th-day of the 7th-lunar month, a colourful Chinese Festival, Seven Sisters Festival/七姐诞, a festival imported to SIN from China by the Cantonese migrants based on a legend of the Weaver Girl&the Cowherd/牛郎织女. Like this beautiful digitally painted by YC YIP (well-known for his SIN mural paintings) and a downloaded painting from the collections of the State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia


Tue: vague memories of this festival and somehow thought that Seven Sisters Festival and the Cowherd&Weaver Girl were 2different festivals. Now knowing better and learning more does bring back memories from childhood days growing up with 3grandmothers in the same house. With GhostMonth/19Aug 7Sisters/25Aug and soon MoonCakes/1Oct so close to each other with every one of them marked by the grandmothers, happy to remember bits&pieces.

Legends don’t have to make sense. They just have to be beautiful. Or at least interestingTerry Pratchett

Busy day starting with grocery shopping, appointment@SGH. VitD supplement added and more urine&blood test in Oct to decide if surgery is the next step! Errands in Chinatown, did not see much signs to mark the 7Sisters Festival, but then was not really looking. At CC to talk with Calvin about the SINc2c charity walk and he will provide me with what I need – have to make a list to figure that out soon.

S’porean Makes Travel Bucket List For Our Little Red Dot Since We Can’t Fly Anywhere

A good link with many locations suggested, especially now that we are unable to fly anywhere. Have plans to check out these where I have not been. All pix downloaded in this posting.

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  1. As always, thank you Tiger Lil for letting me look through your eyes and heart at Sin. A beautiful city with untold mysteries. I dearly love to read your blog! Yours, Hi Hills

    • Hello HiHIlls, nice to hear from you. What a year so far, trying to enjoy whatever SIN has to offer but do looking forward to catching up again. Hugs from the Tiger.

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