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15 May 2020 – For The Survival Of COVID-19

Tue: grocery shopping fresh produce to wash&prepare for the week’s consumption, everything was affordable except for the US/asparagus$10.31, which I did not realize until I got home, will not get it again. One of my favourite ice-cream (the other being Ben&Jerry’s CoffeeCoffee) is on promotion, bought some to mark 17May for this weekend, another item that is not on my regular list unless on promotion. Trying to eat healthy to keep a strong immune system. Card&gift in the mail for #1’s High-School graduation .

Wed: stormy early morning from SIN, but nothing compared to today pix from Ellen/Tromsø – bringing back memories from when there was still snow on this day 42yrs ago there. Linn was 4 then (her pre-school pix made it to the local papers May1978), and I was pregnant with May. Our neighbour, Anne (Ola’s mother, Guri (my god-daughter)&Amund was not born yet) from Hedemark (southern Norway) was crying. Made a good strong punch and we had a good time playing cards the rest of the day – do wonder how those 5yrs in Tromsø went by so quickly? Sending some tropical warmth&hugs to all my Tromsø friends.

Thu: a fast trip to Chinatown to pick up some food stuff – hardly anyone on the bus and many stores still closed.

What I see from the front door down the road and what I see from down the road to my front door (the only white door in the far background block above the palm trees, but you will have to enlarge to see it!).

A short stroll down the road for an unhealthy treat&a cuppa+10mins of VitD!

Interesting flip-sides, insides&different angles of things. And as in life, when you see situations just one-sided you’ll miss out on the whole picture! Favourite on the below link is #2 – may seem like an unfurnished apartment, but it is the inside of a guitar. Least favourite #11 – Mt Everest at its top 8,848 m (29,029 ft.), just look what mankind has done to the world’s tallest mt…


Fri: 30th Annual AT Days, May2016 – missing the reunion of AT hiking buddies Karen, John, Nancy, Lori, Glenda&Franklin eventhough 2020 AT-Days is cancelled. Now this is what I call REAL excess baggage! Would never hiked if I had to carry one of these – pix credits to John, Damascus, VA/USA. May our paths cross again sometime in 2021.

Thanks to Liz for the link below – interesting that Warren has so much to say, and no the Doyle Hotel does not belong to him or his family. Anyone who hikes the AT Thur’hike for 17times!!! must have issues with themselves and or this trail. Yeah, once Northwards and maybe another one more time Southwards, but 17time??? Appreciations for the comments from our core-group regarding this article.


Me -The Appalachian Trail/AT 2,175mi/3,500km took me 4months walking 127days except for 2days to the complete the thru’hike in 2005. 1st SIN and only SIN woman to do this thru’hike which made me what I am today – hahaha

82 nights under bivy, pavilions, shelters, tents and tarps
44 nights in B&Bs, hotels, hostels, inn, lodges and motels
114 days with daypack
20 days of rain
19 mail pick-ups (5 for letters only)
13 days with fullpack
2 days of zero miles
2 pairs of shoes worn out
33lbs/15kg loss in weight
Karen – I love the quote from Warren that he has never encouraged anyone to hike the trail because he doesn’t want to be responsible for their pain and suffering- WTF – maybe Warren & the Trumpster are cut from the same cloth as that sounds like something the big Cheeto would say – oh yeah they are both narcissist- how could I forget?  Lol!
Nancy – It is a nice article but Warren is, as always, delusional. Still, I owe my AT opportunity to him and I’m thankful for all the friends I’ve made along the way, especially our core group. I’m not really sure my first AT hike was that difficult. I was in such good shape, we didn’t hike many days in the rain (it did rain a lot at night in the south), we had terrific support (most of the time), I never had blisters, and I always had a friend. I’m sure I’m a little delusional, too!  Absence makes the heart grow fonder…
Today, hiking the trail has become “the quintessential American adventure” – Luxenberg

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