Hello May 2020

3 May 2020 – As The Circuit Breaker Continues

Fri: TGIF but really it is like every day nowadays! Enjoyed the stormy night last night and feeling grateful being safe&sound indoors despite for all the amazing nature outdoors pix I have been posting the past 5days and the next 5days. Blessed to be sooo fortunate to have been part of this beautiful Mother Nature on this earth.

Happy May/Labour Day – a reminder for myself. SIN PM gave his speech last night to let the nation know –  The road to recovery will be long and hard 


Continuing  with this challenge, nominated by cousin YatSoon for 10Days of favourite travel images. Every day I will choose an image from my travel photos that has had an impact on me, post without explanation and nominate somebody to take the challenge. 10travel photos, 10nominations, 0explanations – though I will say something about it the next day, for the curious. In the meantime feel free to comment&guess!

Fri1May: Day5 – nominating Claire, one of the few who has been to Iceland&might know where this is. Landmannalauger Fjallabak National Reserve Iceland Sep 2014, another unforgettable trip with childhood friend Peggy&her hubby Ian. 


While there is life there is hope. I beg to assert…that as long as a man’s heart beats, as long as a man’s flesh quivers, I do not allow that a being gifted with thought and will can allow himself to despair – Jules Verne/Journey to the Center of the Earth

Sat2May: Day6 – nominating Yoshie who is native of this country. MIyajima Japan Dec2015. Japan is more than just the Itsukushima Shrine&Mt Fuji, but for a 1st time Japan visitor like me, they are a must. Tkx to KK for his experienced&knowledgeable guide


Would I go back?   Absolutely!!  May have to work on my knees – may be more weight loss will help – PP fully agree with her.

Sun: 3May: Day7 – nominating Mette Backer. Trolltunga=Troll’sTongue nearest town Tyssedal Norway Aug 2016 – one of the bucket list hikes that nearly put me in the bucket! Was admitted to the hospital the day after the hike.


Before the tongue can speak, it must have lost the power to wound – Peace Pilgrim

Foods over the weekend – Gravlaks from IKEA, wine from my bro (all my wines are from him), salads from Ting and yummy SoonKuey from AudreyW – blessed to have such thoughtful family&friends.

It’s so beautifully arranged on the plate – you know someone’s fingers have been all over it ― Julia Child. No worries, in my case I always use rubber gloves when I do not make food for just myself – for real.

1 May – Happy May Day
5 May – Happy Cinco De Mayo
6 May – Happy Bdays WONG Wai Kit & Jan SOSA
10 May – Happy Bday Andrew LAM
13 May – Happy Bday Susannah LAM
17 May – Hurra for 17 mai
18 May – Happy Bday Helen VICKERY-YEO
23 May – Happy Bday Yasmine AMEEN
27 May – Happy Bdays LAM SuiChang Karen LIM
28 May – Happy Bday Vanessa LAM
30 May– Happy Bday Hans Kristian HUSTAD

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