Into The Year of The Rat

28 Jan 2020 – Wuhan Virus

Sun: after a hot day of long bus&MRT-rides@stations seldom at, not a complain, just an observation and always exciting to explore new areas. Bus48 changing to 75 heading to Holland Road area where my father used to lived many moons ago. Thought I could remember, but that was not the case. Got lost walking in the hot sun for about 30mins and only after asking a few ppl did I finally find the way to cousin Annie/CheongWah.

Good to catch up with her&Neo. She is always so creative with her crafts. AiLing&Alvin are out of town.

Appreciations to Annie for her delicious lunch and for accompanying me to 13thAuntie (who still recognizes me!) app 5mins walk from her. 13thUncle, cousin Ching&HH were out. The house has not change but most of the bonsai are no longer – put me on the correct street! can still find the house without any problems!!

Another hot walk, thank goodness for an umbrella+shaded-walkway to EW-Line/DoverMRT changing@JurongE/NS-Line to KranjiMRT where there must have been some race going on as cheers were heard while waiting for niece.

Thrilled to have now caught up with all of 2ndBro’s branch, first at the recent wedding&today.  Like AuntieNgor’s KCH-Laksa, to start the year with 2ndSis-in-law’s (who lives with JenLeng&family) yummy curry (one of my favourites) is another must. Pix credits to JenLeng for both her 1st&2ndCNY-Day pix. All her family pix will be a great help when I start documenting the OG&PG in the family tree. Have now finally hand-delivered a HC of the invite to the older generation who does not go online and still know&remember me!

After all the rich CNY foods, nice change with Japanese foods@IchibanSushi-Japanese restaurant/WestMall tkx to JenMun&SiewKeng – since in the area, good to also catch up with them to see where they live, BukitBartok.

With pleasant life-entertainment on the way to the MRT EW-LineJurongE-Eunos – am blessed with such a lovely extended family, who could ask for anything more? Been a long time ago since I was on the go for more than 12hrs, so being 70 is just a number and the CNY celebrations go on until 8Feb.

Mon-Tue: condolences to NBA player Kobe Bryant’s family – prayers&thoughts are out to them for the lost of a husband&daughter and a father&sister. Time to recharge&relax with some quiet days before the preparations for my immediate family from the US&Norway visit to SIN next month, looking much forward. Trying to enjoy my GreenT, melon seeds etc with books, movies&music to my taste. A good week to all – stay healthy and away from crowds if possible!

This is happening too close, was@PPMon 20Jan. Hoping&praying for the best, but somehow this story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin keeps popping up in the mind and I do not know what to make of it nor how to read it?

Lovely heavy downpours in the afternoon cooling down the temps.

Raising awareness versus raising alarm; the public can’t be better informed if the information isn’t better ― TK Naliaka

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