26 Days To Christmas

29 Nov 2018 – Happy Bday John

Mon: the times to avoid the rush-hour-traffic on the CBD is after 1000hrs. Heading to catch up with Leng who lives near the CBD.

Welcome Leng &baby Aurora from Norway back to SIN. Fantastic views of the threatening rain clouds from her apt on the 24th floor, and fortunately those clouds did not linger and blew away clearing the sky with a zoomed-in view of a colourful elementary school.

Aurora, an alert cute baby-tourist enjoying the food here. Delighted to see the new Rail Corridor added in this amazing model of SIN@URA. Tkx to Clement&Hannah, it took me then 8hrs to do a thru’walk on this 25k trail 2+yrs ago on my 66th Bday.



Dessert in Chinatown and what a coincident to bump into niece Daisy&sis-in-law. Enjoying the sight of all the local childhood cookies – no did not buy any. Pix credit of me to Leng.

Korean movie Soul Mate/Wonderful Ghost 원더풀 고스트 @VivoCity: a patrol officer gets into an accident while investigating a case. His soul gets separated from his body where his wandering spirit tries to figure out and solve a case.

A reminder of the movie Ghost (1990) with PatrickSwayze & DemiMoore. These are the only kind of ghost movies for me! Have been entertained recently with similar movies on YouTube. Must be the Christmas mood.

Shopping for candies@Candylicious where I always feel like a kid and do not know what I really want from all the choices?? But how I felt and what I really am was reminded by the staff@Kopitiam who addressed me as Ah Ma – wow! for the first time, usually it is Auntie!!

Tue&Wed: a crazy rush to complete some of the gifts&preparations for the first Christmas gathering this weekend. Procrastination is my middle name – makes me more creative! Since I now have the reputation of a cork-collector from my wine-drinker male friends!! must make use of them. Last year, it was cork-boards and this year cork-wreaths.

IMG_0563Thu: Happy Happy 12Bday #3, JohnW Hall (2006). As camera shy as he is, happy to have these shots from the summer during my last visit. Hopefully all my children&grandchildren know that they are always deep in my heart even though we only meet annually.

Tkx to Les&Ivy for dinner tonight+a bottle of  wine.

Annoying FB. Tkx to Dee for this message – Hi….I actually got another friend request from you which I ignored so you may want to check your account. Decided to make one of these posting for if&when it happens again – probably will as it also happened last month and FB is facing some issues at present. Pix download and edited. 

Glad to see niece Dika’s write-ups on SIN&Memphis/TN,USA. Pix credits to Pixabay&PhillipVanZandt


You can’t just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood. What mood is that? Last-minute panic – Bill Watterson

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